The Little Things

I like empty bookstores and the smell of old books.

I like rainy days and starry nights.

I like quiet coffee shops. Fresh brews. With a side of Prune Danish.

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An Artist’s Muse


You can’t fully appreciate the meaning of the word surreal until you have fed yourself with almost chimerical sights of a richly layered sky against a picturesque city, suffused by the luminous glow of the sunset hour. Standing on the terrace of a legendary institution, the Rajasthan School Of Arts, this claim seems corollary with the fiery sun undulating its hues on a city I deeply cherish- in its varying states of prettiness and disarray.

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50 Shades Of Green


When I walked out of my room tik-toking on my 5 inches ankle-straps, prepared to shoot in this outfit, a friend laughed hysterically and announced that I look like the branch of a tree.

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