Preserve Youthful Skin with Himalaya’s Youth Eternity Range- A Review


Let me be honest with you, like most people my age, I never gave anti-aging skin regimens a thought until very recently when I learnt that skin begins to age at 25 years. TWENTY FIVE. I’m sure most of us were unaware of this fact and it’s pretty daunting. So any good dermatologist will tell you, if you’re in your mid-twenties, that you need to begin your anti-aging regimen ASAP to prevent early signs of aging.

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The Little Things

I like empty bookstores and the smell of old books.

I like rainy days and starry nights.

I like quiet coffee shops. Fresh brews. With a side of Prune Danish.

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An Artist’s Muse


You can’t fully appreciate the meaning of the word surreal until you have fed yourself with almost chimerical sights of a richly layered sky against a picturesque city, suffused by the luminous glow of the sunset hour. Standing on the terrace of a legendary institution, the Rajasthan School Of Arts, this claim seems corollary with the fiery sun undulating its hues on a city I deeply cherish- in its varying states of prettiness and disarray.

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