Basically I just walked down Church Street in Joggers

I am inclined to believe that Church Street represents a genuine panorama of the city. Although walking along the stretch seems like a delicate dance, with tiny strips as sidewalks and buzzing vehicles, i feel perfectly at home strolling through the precints as much as i retain the receptiveness of a first- time tourist.

Wesley and I took these pictures right before heading to our shoot location for the actual blog shoot. Pretty much what happens when a super-enthusistic blogger and photographer come together. No complaints nevertheless. Here’s my off-duty aesthete–

 { ‘Justice League’ t-shirt and Tracks, both,

Shoes- Nike (no shit!)}

For someone who champions new and upcoming brands, fits right in the bill for casual- athletic wear. The sort of athletic that can be worn beyond the vicinity of the gym or sports arena. With my vacations looking at me straight in the eye, it is important that I invest in comfortable and trendy airport wear. As opposed to it’s modest pricing, you will be surprised at the quality of the fabric ( which to me, is the MOST important aspect of any piece of clothing). If I don’t discuss about the fabric, then I haven’t really LIKED the product.

You can shop the t-shirt here- (Click me!)

And the joggers here- ( Click me!)

Anybody lookin’ for t-shirt dresses, they got them right here

Pictures as usual, by Anand John Wesley at

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