Blue Is A Warm Color ft. Missamore Clothing

It’s absurd how blue is associated with gloominess, and sometimes even negative feelings while it is the one color that could soothe you and uplift your mood. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that upto 75% of my wardrobe consists of the color blue. Link that to my Piscean tendencies? Well, maybe.

If staring at miles and miles of the blue see doesn’t convince you that blue is a warm color, i don’t know what else could.

This pick from Missamore,hence, came as no surprise- it is serene, flowy, dreamy and summery, with it’s liquid movement tickling my internal Piscean ‘go-with-the-flow’ attitude. I figured that i’d do a monotone-look, adding some pop-coloured accessories in the mix.

{ Crop top-

slit maxi skirt- Missamore Clothing

Neckpiece- Accessorize India

Eyewear- missamore

Slip-ons- Commercial street, Bangalore}

If you did not already know, Missamore has a new line of Eyewear and Handbags that are so so essential for the summah!

You’d be kidding me if you told me you haven’t checked out their latest off-shoulder pieces.

You can’t just read this blopost and not notice my footwear, really. I picked these up in a quaint little store in commercial street. Literally the best street discovery + purchase i’ve made in a while.

Photography by the true bawse Anand Wesley. Boy does he know a thing or two about taking pictures.

Where would you wear this look?

Let me know x

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