Beauty Services at home courtesy – a Review

In this post I attempt to answer atleast 5 queries with regard to Beauty services at home that most of you face and which makes you step back and think before going ahead with this concept.

Mind you I had my doubts. And when it comes to my beauty services these doubts double up. I prefer my same old beautician who knows my skin and hair and who does her best to accentuate it. And I also know how frustrating it is when your beautician plucks too much hair off your eyebrows and misses a spot while waxing- we’ve all faced these issues and perhaps this is why we look past the entire idea of getting professional beauty services done at home.

But here is what I learnt throughout my experience-

1) Time-saving

February was an excrutiatingly (in a nice way) busy month for me. I barely had any time to rejuvenate my undernourished skin and hair. Not a great thing considering my birthday was around the corner and I couldn’t afford to end up looking dead at my own birthday party. So I set my appointment exactly a week prior to my birthday (Tip: Always get your beauty services done atleast 3-4 days before a important day/event). I scheduled it for 1pm and I kid you not, my trusty beauticians were bang on time. While one catered to my Pedicure, the other nourished my hair with some hairspa and i carried on with some of  my pending blog work.

2) Wide range of services

 When I saw the  variety of beauty services mentioned on the app, i was taken aback- Massage, mani-pedi, body polish,facial, hair cut and colour; you name it. Besides this, the packages interested me- there’s the Bridal package, Valentine’s package,Festive packages and monthly beauty packages.

I chose 6 services out of the lot- Shahnaz gold facial, Cristine Valmy Spa Pedicure, French nail paint manicure, Hair spa treatment, Body polish and a blow dry.

3) Professional Beauticians

 This was definitely my biggest concern. Would they live up to my expectations? Let’s just say I was beyond surprised. My beauticians for the day were Sunita Subba and an accomplice. And both carried out their duties skilfully and with techniques i can only expect at professional salons. My pedicure yielded the highest result plus a great technical leg massage. The hair spa+ head massage made me feel so nourished. I particularly loved the Body spa as they used de-tanning crystals generously on my entire body to give it the much needed glow.

4) Products

 The thing about these services is that i am aware of each and every product being used on me and all of which are high-end professional level products. I also enjoyed the abundant but not excessive use of products.

5) Affordability and Reliability

 All of this and more comes with reasonable pricetags, in fact, a lot lesser than what I would pay in salons. You can expect high quality service, in the comfort of your house and affordable prices. I rate the services high on value-for-money. The staff is also very reliable and friendly. They call you if they are unable to detect your location and are very nice to you throughout. In fact, we also took a couple of selfies! And no jibber-jabber on part of the beauticians (we all know the rant)

Say hello to my lovely beauticians who got me all glowing. Scroll down to see the results! (No make-up, I promise)

What followed was an entire day of stopping by mirrors.

So go ahead and install the Housejoy app on your mobile device. The app is easy to use and the process to book a service is very simple. Besides Beauty you can check out the wide-range of services they offer- Fitness (for the lethargic in you who doesn’t want to travel all the way to the gym), Laundry, Appliance repair/set up, Home cleaning, Pest Control, Drivers, Automobiles, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Carpentry, Mobile and computer repair.

P.s. Notice my cute french manicure in the above picture on strategically placed fingers.

Also notice the cracked screen, it’s the gorilla glass chill, I will get it repaired through the Mobile repair section on the Housejoy app as well.

Literally making life easy.

Here’s how you can follow them:

I hope you guys liked this review/ Lifestyle post. And do know that I will always post about brands/companies that satisfy me before referring or suggesting it to you guys. 

Let me know about your Housejoy experience. I’d love to know x 

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