Tumblr,Pinterest and Instagram may feed us with innumerable warm-tinted images of “gypsets” with stacked and layered jewellery.To be honest,I’ve never been comfortable with stacked jewelry on my body.I think it is contradictory to the very term ‘free-spirited’.Not having oodles of oxidised silver jewelry doesn’t make me any less a gypset.Damn right,I’m a wandering soul.One with close affinity to traditional Indian textiles,drawing inspiration from tribal cultures and juxtaposing it with the rather practical urban life.This is where my clothing line,Sseahorse comes in.My design aesthetics are very close to my beliefs.Here is a handcrafted Ikat crop top with deliberately undone woollen fringes, as part of my latest collection- ‘Charas’.You can view all my collections Here

This picture series is a result of my collaboration with this talented photographer,Dixit Bhat.You can check out more of his work here

Also if you didn’t already know, I would not function without a pair of black boots.I’d probably die heartbroken.

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