Proportion Play ft Missamore clothing


If there’s one thing I’m apprehensive about, it’s oversized silhuoettes. Anything oversized in my wardrobe eventually gets nipped and tucked. But it is a trend that I need to follow with all reverence- t-shirts, hoodies,jackets and shirts that are a couple of sizes bigger than your original size, have seemed to become the industry’s default state this season.

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Are We On Track Yet?


Summer 2017 is when I can deduce that fashion has finally met functionality. With the approval of Vetements, Gucci, Loewe and other dominating designer labels, the tracksuit is now making it’s presence felt on the streets, albeit in a rather convincingly glamorous and luxe avatar.

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Vintage Levi’s & Coke


Nothing sounds cooler than claiming that you were/are a 90s kid. Late 90s included, where we spent the formative years of our lives pencilling casette reel holes and watching Cher (from Clueless) in mini skirts, which later came to dictate what our wardrobes would look like (or rather we hoped).

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