Preserve Youthful Skin with Himalaya’s Youth Eternity Range- A Review


Let me be honest with you, like most people my age, I never gave anti-aging skin regimens a thought until very recently when I learnt that skin begins to age at 25 years. TWENTY FIVE. I’m sure most of us were unaware of this fact and it’s pretty daunting. So any good dermatologist will tell you, if you’re in your mid-twenties, that you need to begin your anti-aging regimen ASAP to prevent early signs of aging.

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The Most Affordable #PerfectSelfie? – A Vivo V5s Review


A quick peek into my most used apps and you’ll quickly spot Instagram, Snapchat and VSCO. And all the three apps have one thing in common- pictures. Let’s not deny the very strong existence of pictures in our tech savvy lifestyle and that struggle to extract the most perfect picture. The picture goes through different phases from when it is taken. It gets edited and altered, gets fit into Instagram size and finally gets uploaded onto the hall of fame. And it all starts with a perfect camera. A picture is only as good as the camera that captures it.

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The All You Can Eat Buffet At Chutney Chang- First Impressions


It’s a weekend, you’ve exhausted all of your accumulated energy and your excessive dancing on a Friday night has built up a grand appetite that only a buffet can manage to satiate. I’m more of an a la carte person unless of course, I find myself in the afore mentioned situation.

In any case, I HAD to try the longest buffet in Bangalore which I’ve been told has unbelievable variety. I wouldn’t buy the ‘all you can eat’ proposition until the buffet had me crawling on all fours.

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‘Tis The Season To Get Polished

There’s a mighty good chance that my relationship with a person would depend on how the person has maintained their nails. There’s also a mighty good chance that you’d call me snobby, but I believe that it’s all in the details.
This is perhaps, why I have a massive admiration towards Arab women, especially in Dubai. They look impeccable even when they’re out grocery shopping and mind you- this is not even an exaggeration. The slew of nail, eyelash and beauty studios in DXB stand as a testimony to my claim. That’s why Dubai to me, is a guilty pleasure.
I’ve always hoped that women closer home would invest on these little details as much as they do on clothing. It’s simple really, if you can’t keep your nails long, then keep them clipped and well maintained. If you prefer them long, then take extra care in maintaining the nails and keeping them clean. What’s even more important is to keep your hands moisturised, which is why I always advocate a handy hand cream, and to NEVER do away with chipped nails/ nail polish. I think nails are the most basic indicators of personal hygiene and orderliness.

I’m inclined to record my experience at Polished Nail Boutique Studio, at Indiranagar 100 ft road with you. The owner of which shares similar views as I do. The first thing that she noticed was my feet nails and suggested that I get a pedicure. It had been a while, running around for blog work does leave you with unattended feet.

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