Easy sophistication ft. My 2nd SnobBox look

I have made you adequately aware of the mechanics of what a SnobBox really is, and how it works. If you’ve missed the post, you can follow up here.¬†However, here’s a not-so-brief set of pictures of my second look by SnobBox which breathes and settles ceaselessly into the realms of modern sophistication- the kind that does not require trying too hard and only requires slipping into a cropped pastel-hued jumpsuit accompanied by metallic accessories. This is also the very first time that I took my strappy mules for a roundabout, and my jumpsuit wasn’t complaining- my feet were.

Random picture of coffee and ginger cookie, because it makes for a cute picture

Photographs shot by Abhinav Kodam from My Feet Stories.

Are you feeling this look?

I’m open to feedbacks. Shoot me a quick mail at farah.6inches@gmail.com !

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