Finding My Oasis In The Desert


We’ve heard, written and spoken plenty about ‘New Year New Me’ . In theory, it’s more like New Year, Old Me repeating the same old mistakes.

I made my way back to Rajasthan to escape from the dizzying rythm of my world, as per usual. I’ve (rightly) been told that I visit Rajasthan far too often and that’s maybe because I find my peace there. This time around, I took a 2-and-a-half-hour drive from Jaipur to Pushkar, stopping by on the highway for Poha with Namkeen and Kulhad chai. We spent a few days in Pushkar just BEING (while also taking pictures). We went into the desert one cold evening, with the sky suffused by a golden aurora, treading our way uphill on the sandy dunes, me (make note!) in a short leather dress and heeled sock boots. It was especially galling to dodge camel poop and ignore remarks from onlookers riding on a camel palanquin. But we were rallying to reach that desert summit and conquer it. Our light at the end of the tunnel came in the form of an oasis on the other side of the dune, with the water reflecting the colours of the setting sun- pink, purple, orange and yellow cohered into a beautiful sight.

In the process I realised one thing that I’d like to do in 2018- I’d like to find my oasis, where I can find safety and sustenance. I’d like to explore and discover my very own space- in my personal, professional and spiritual spheres. I also know that along the way I will have to dodge poop while some of it gets stuck on my shoe, I will have to dust it off and move on, walk uphill never mind the extreme weather conditions, maybe even lose balance once a while, get sand in my shoes, deal with naysayers and pessimists riding along their comfort zone and also get pricked by thorns. But guess what, I will still make it to the other side and while I’m at it, I’ll be wearing my sassiest outfit and taking pictures along the way.

image1-7 image1-4 image1-8 image1-2 image1-3 image1-6 image1

Outfit details:-

Leather dress and boots- Ni Hao ( )

Polka blouse- Self- designed

Earrings- random boutique find

Series photographed by Prachi Sharma/ Third Dimension photography.

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