From Flared to Frayed


     In this blog post we shall zoom into the dynamics of the nifty multi-tasker that we commonly call ‘denims’. Forms, shapes, structures and types vary- but this staple remains rooted deep into our wardrobes, refusing to be thrown out/ burnt/ donated. Like wine and my mother, they get better with age.

Although one trend that i find singularly traumatic for petite women is the cropped (above the ankle) + frayed hem denim pants. What is more annoying is that i came across short women trying to work this trend but in vain. With all due respect to tiny women, some trends are better left to the longer- legged.

But then again, we are so painfully obsessed with trying all the new trends that would put us right on top of the #OOTD ladder.

So let’s just fix that problem.

In order to do that, i made my own cropped + frayed jeans. When i say cropped, i mean nipped an inch or two because my flared New Look pants that i bought off Koovs were a few inches longer than my legs. Surely, a cut was required..just a marginal bit.

But i just let the hem be as opposed to stitching it. I know that people with severe OCD might have a problem with this, but i like what i see when i look down *insert smirk*. There we have it- my very own version of cropped + frayed jeans ; as good as new.

I took these pants for an spin at Hammered, the newly opened pub off Cunningham road. I also consider it rude not to take photos when a) I feel i look good b) The location is fantastic c) The lighting is ON POINT

It was only wise to pair these pants with ribbed anything. A combination as delectable as the macaroons at a French cafe.

{Flared jeans- New Look on

Ribbed tee- New Look on


Bucket bag- A street find

Earrings- Flea market}

Although if you’re intending on going all out with this trend, here are some accompaniments you MUST throw in


– or ankle length boots

– Crisp white shirt

– Bell sleeves anything!

– Black leather jacket

– A mini bag

Foot note: Don’t try a Leandra Medine. Nobody can do Leandra Medine better than Leandra Medine.

Shot by my favourite Anand John Wesley at

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