I’m Still Confused: Is It Cobalt Blue or Electric Blue?

    I’m having a serious Andrea Sachs moment here ( The Devil Wears Prada, hellooo) where I can’t tell which blue this actually is or if there’s any difference at all; and I wouldn’t mind some help.

My fatal attraction to this colour is growing into an obsession of sorts. Not many days ago, I was picking out outfits for my upcoming vacayyyy (yas yas!) and realization hit me that my wardrobe is slathered in blue. That I instinctively click ‘Add To Cart’ everytime anything of this hue sails into view, only just presses on this fact.

But in my defence, I didn’t have anything in this particular ‘stop-in-you-tracks’ colour that has cultivated in itself, an extravagant persona.

I’m pretty much still contemplating this question while I irritatingly adjust the underwire of my brassiere (fancier term for a bra), since it is having a serious battle with one of my ribs, and I’m constantly swearing to myself that I will bid goodbye to it the moment I step into my house.

So how would I make sure that this cobalt/electric blue jumpsuit received all the attention it deserved? Pair it with contrasting coloured accents and stand/walk/pose/eat against a pristine white backdrop.

Speaking of eating, I just checked another place off my ‘Must-Eat-Here’ list- The White Room , located inside The High Gates hotel right opposite The Entertainment Store on Church Street. I had half a mind NOT to mention this place anywhere on my blog/ social media because I wanted this to be my happy little place. But then it deserves to be everybody’s happy little place. I won’t beat around the bush and just tell you to go get their Chinese grilled chicken, crispy noodles and sprouts salad!! If that doesn’t convince you, the Nutella shake should.

If you’re anything like me, this place is pretty much what you need on a warm day, away from the hustle and bustle of it’s counterparts.

                                                          The chinese grilled chicken, crispy noodles and sprouts salad

Let’s now zoom into and indulge into the allure of this jumpsuit. I bought it off stalkbuylove.com  and it was an excrutiatingly hard decision considering all the jumpsuits they have – I was stuck between the minimalistic white jumpsuit and the black jumpsuit with a choker (The Kardashian/ Jenners would approve!)

I’ve had fun throughout my journey finding my sartorial voice, and that voice involves a search for intensity in terms of colour and drama in terms of cuts, textures and most importantly, details- add to it a dizzying range of lush accessories.

Of course I’ve been a tad bit stingy with accessories this time, just a pair of filigree design earrings here, and a pop-tinged clutch there- swankily accompanied by the generous six-inch-heel.

{ Jumpsuit- StalkBuyLove.com ;

Earrings- Ginger by Lifestyle ;

Clutch- Dubai ;

Lip shade- The Chambor Extreme Matte Longwear lipstick in Earthy Red + MAC’s Ruby Woo}

I am currently eyeing on this particular piece and this anddd maybe even this – and a lot more but i’ll stop right here.

Foot note- The fabric has a beautiful stretch, fits like a dream and calls for minimal accessories. I thought it was only wise to skip a neck piece to keep the asymmetrical neckline as the prime focus.

I wouldn’t have this jumpsuit any other way!

Any Miranda Priestly here? I still need my answer- Cobalt or Electric blue?

Photographs by Anand John Wesley at Vinceshe.in

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