Jewellery= Sushi? ft. Rhea Jewellery

      –My deep,intense penchant for jewellery parallels my love for sushi- and that kinda love is unheard of–

Any lingering doubts about my love for unrestrained glamour (read Versace) will only be met with scorn. My style resume mirrors a steady build-up from “trying-to-look-like-a-blogger” to “looking-like-myself” and that includes sparkles (lots of it), dramatic statements, body-hugging silhouettes, luxe accessories and a lot of slits and plunges. All of this punctuated with lush stand-out baubles makes me as happy as a kid sipping on Kala Khatta. And i just realized that i have an awful lot of food references in my blog post and maybe i should turn this into a Fashion-and-food blog……or maybe not.

In this regard, baubles from Rhea Jewellery make a compelling case to be my BFF in disguise. This new BFF comes with a lot of drama (just like my other human BFF’s) but without the added baggage. If my BFF is reading this, she knows what i mean (insert smirk).

With its exuberant ode to old Hollywood glamour, or new hollywood glamour even- this jewellery brand has carved a niche for itself for being the one-stop destination to save you from looking under-dressed at any glamorous event.

What is my favourite way to wear Rhea Jewellery,pray tell? When i’m lounging in the house wearing a wine-stained pullover that has ‘Wild One’ written on it, feeling absolutely useless, unapologetically munching on chocolate-coated hazelnuts;  adorning a piece from their collection transports me right where i (believe i) belong- the Cannes red carpet.

{ Blush Empress neclace- Rhea Jewellery

Outfit- Forever 21}

{ The Not So Little Mermaid earrings- Rhea Jewellery


      Lucky for you, these items are also on discount, which means all the more reason to gift yourself some lust- worthy jewellery today! And trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed- right from the packaging to the quality to the design!

Photographed by Anand Wesley at

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