KOOVS- A collaboration

When i met with the PR Head of Koovs a couple of weeks ago-

Him: So Farah, Have you bought anything from Koovs before?

– I pointed out towards my skirt-

Of course.I was wearing Koovs.

-This might just be my most favourite outfit in my wardrobe-

                                          (Outfit- Catwalk-88 on Koovs.com)

It’s hard to ignore the online retail giant,especially when it is holding the seasonal sale. I mean a ruched skirt for INR 180? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Hence this collaboration with Koovs was highly welcome.Being a style ambassador for a brand whose reach is commendable,is a matter of once in a lifetime.

HOWEVER,if you have always dreamt of working for a brand such a this,they are looking for you.They are looking to recruit you! Too good to be true? Head over to http://www.koovs.com/kgtc and register to get a 20% discount+ A chance to be a Koovs style ambassador+ Lots of Koovs vouchers + Exclusive Koovs parties + A course at The London College Of Fashion + A chance to be featured in India’s leading fashion magazine.Phew-I nearly died.And I would love to meet you during the interview and click a couple of pictures. Now you know what to do- GET CLICKING!

You can send in your questions at farah.6inches@gmail.com

Location courtesy: Peppermill and Kargeens, New BEL road, Bangalore

Photography: Kadambari Kira Issar

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