LABYRINTH- A collaboration

You meet them everyday, it different forms and shapes. People, humans. Souls.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what lies beneath the layers of skin that one wears like a mask? What one might be hiding in an untold story?

Depression, a condition that has become alarmingly common amongst youngsters. The most seemingly normal people we meet on a day-to-day basis, people who appear just as happy and content as anyone else, might just be suffering silently from depression. The seriousness of this condition is often sidelined, brushed off as “taking things too seriously” or “not being strong enough”, but have you ever paused to wonder why some of us aren’t as strong as others? What the cause of this weakness might be?

People suffering from Post-traumatic disorders and anxiety are often treated as the odd ones out, simply because they don’t “fit in” with the rest of the crowd. They lack guidance, support and some of them prefer to make changes at their own pace, while they are rushed into becoming “normal” again.

The boy with cuts on his arms isn’t a coward.

The girl who chooses books over people isn’t stuck up, she finds solace in words.

The woman who carries a bottle of sleeping pills in her bag isn’t an addict, she’s an insomniac in need.

The man you see staring at the same house every day isn’t crazy, he’s looking at the home that destroyed him as a child.

We are colour blind, most of us, because we think everything is as it seems. Everything is definable, one-dimensional, black and white. Truth is, we fail to read between the lines, fail to see the real person behind the disguise. We think we understand everyone, assume a judgement and give names to people who might have built themselves from ashes or might be burning at that very moment, just not the old fashioned way.

Pain is just as real as happiness. Suffering is just as valid as celebration.

No one’s sorrow or experience is any less legitimate when compared to someone else’s. Just because a story hasn’t been told, hasn’t been published in bold, does not mean that it’s unreal.

We walk amongst unsung heroes every day, watch them, breathe the same air as they do.

Bullying, troubled childhoods, broken hearts, failed ambitions, masked wounds and lost identities.

The world as we know it is a Labyrinth, but the paths are never the same.

Accept, love, understand.

Chapter 1: Desolation.

Model: Jennifer Neha

Model: Anne Norbu

Model: Ishan Banerjee



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