Leaving The Greys And Blacks Behind

Ever wondered why the term ‘formal wear’ is only associated with a sea of blacks,whites and depressing greys?

I whole-heartedly despise boring workwear. If anything, your outfit reflects your mood and what better way brighten up a dull monday!

For my fashion-related meetings I stick to formal silhouettes (read: pencil skirt, high neck blouse, pumps, structured bag) but make some variations with colours and prints to make it look more interesting.

I’m wearing a printed collared blouse by Quirkbox , a ruched skirt by KOOVS , Structured bag by Accessorize and earrings by Bvlgari.

{ Beautifully shot by Murali of Chromasutra who is quite the star behind the lens}

Tip: Invest in classic wristwatches. The one I’m sporting is one of my very few pieces since I tend to lose all of my expensive wristwatches (lost my Rado at a Dada Life concert tsk tsk)

And if you know me, I never part with my pencil skirts. I need to start purchasing some skater skirts for a change.

Do keep coming back. I have fun content waiting for you xx

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