Let’s Bring In The Rad ft. Skating Duck

Fashion is having a serious love affair with the 90s. I am too – Embracing the trends i’ve grown up with and cringed years later. ( huge thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Gilmore Girls) But now it’s all coming back and suddenly it’s Guns N Roses all over again.

Here are modern renditions of the 90s trends that i cannot get enough of with a major helping hand from the 90s inspired store SkatingDuck – the coolest, most rad brand i have come across in the longest time. A good look at their instagram page @skatingduck tells you enough. They have whatsapp emoji stickers, holographic bags, mystic accessories, transparent chokers, black lipstick, super-cool graphic tees, ‘Gluten Free’ iPhone cases- basically, Everything cool under the roof, except with very modest pricing and impeccable quality.

1) The Onesie + tousled hair – Let’s take a moment to recognize the sheer comfort you can only experience when you’re wearing overalls. Denim or lycra versions, they are fuss free and casual and effortlessly cool.Add tousled hair to the mix and you’ve got yourself a Kate Moss right there.

2) Berry lips + Chokers– Hands down my most favourite trend of the season. We’re talking deep earthy red/berry tinted lips and elastic chokers that scream rad. Make sure you pick out elastic and light chokers like i’m wearing above, thick ones aren’t really apt for the scorching summer that awaits us. I found mine on SkatingDuck.com and there’s not a single outfit i can’t wear this with. My favourite version- with a floral skater dress and denim jacket!

3) Grunge- inspired platform shoes – there was the converse and jelly shoe, but let’s not get to that. I never fancied them and never will. And on the bright side, there’s the platform shoe. And it does not have to be over-the-top like Gwen Stefani’s music videos. An extra inch or two to your shoes didn’t hurt nobody (except for the person dancing next to you or your worst enemy)

Mine came with a zipper and a tiny skull.

{ Platform shoes- SkatingDuck }

 4) Crop-tops + Leather anything – My next look is entirely based on the 90s girl bands which fuelled my fashion sensibilities when i was a pre-teen. “Mico-mini” skirts, white leather, crop tops, navel piercings et al. This post made me feel so nostalgic that i Youtubed all my favourite girl bands- my favourite was UMI, and then there was the real Baby Doll who sang Kaanta Laga ( oh, that tattoo!)

 5) Metal Accessories – The cross was the symbol of the decade, and was found everywhere. Incorporate it into any metal accessory and it was a win. Faded vintage metal accessories with it’s undeniable gothic charm worked well with the rock/metal music scene that penetrated each age group. Cradle Of Filth, remember?

{Stacked ring set- Skatingduck }

{ P.S. HOLLA at Clueless (the movie) for giving us ribbed turtle-neck crop tops}

{Headgear- SkatingDuck }

6) Good-Girl-Gone-Bad – and suddenly it seemed, that a rebel was born. The 90s era was an age of rebellion, and that was reflected in each person’s fashion choices. Who said baggy pants were only for boys? There were more kinky elements than ever (imagine Halloween costumes in real life). And no matter how bizarre,the dark, kinky sex appeal was somewhat appealing, if not entirely. I, for one, lived and breathed the era.

And guess what, we’re not done with it just yet.

Big thanks to Wesley for the amazing photography. You can follow his work here

Website- Vinceshe.in

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/vinceshe.in/

Instagram- @vjwesley

Studio- Elienai (https://www.facebook.com/elienaiphotography/ )

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