My Top 10 Affordable Beauty Must-Haves (Not Sponsored)

Disclaimer: None of the products/ brands mentioned below are sponsored nor is this a promotion of any brand/ product. Below are the make-up products i simply cannot live without and have settled on after numerous trial-and-error efforts. I have also added brief and non-biased reviews for each product along with links to pictures where you can see how the products look when applied.

I,for one, generally find myself confused when i’m buying a beauty product. I watch swatches, reviews, tutorials on the internet to gauge and compare products. Eventually i realised that your “beauty-bestfriends” (yes, it’s a term don’t google it) aka your must-have beauty products are discovered after a lot of trying and looking at it from different angles. I also take a selfie to see how it looks in pictures and then move on to make the purchase.

1. The Maybelline (The Nudes) Eyeshadow palette

If multi-tasker was a product, this would be it. All the colours you need on your face (basically in life) are embedded in this compact palette. I use it for my eyeshadow (duh), tear-duct highlighting, contouring, strobing and eyebrows.

Although, i do wish that the black was a lot more pigmented and perhaps, a deeper black. I use the matte shades for day-events and the shimmery shades for the night. This is perfect for the quintessential smokey-eye with graduating colours like dark brown and light brown. I use the gold shade for my brow-bones and my cheek bones..and sometimes even for my nose-bridge and my cupid’s bow. I use the dark matte browns for light contouring and for my eyebrows, the taupe for the centre of my eyelids and the white for my tear-duct. Honestly, i can go on and on. But i think i’ll save it for a video tutorial.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at how i’ve used this palette on my face here

Price: Rs. 895/-

2. The Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 18

 I picked this up in Boots, JBR Dubai when i was on a stroll and was so proud of myself for the impulsive purchase. Never having budged away from my MAC studio fix foundation, i found myself rejoicing at the price and quality of this product. It has great consistency,is lightweight,blends smoothly and comes with a pump. It does exactly what it promises- 24-hour moisture hydration (which means your skin looks healthy and dewy and not flaky), Pore Blurring effect and Invisible coverage (which means it gives enough coverage without making it look like you’ve applied too much foundation or applied foundation at all. In short- it’s for your ‘i woke up like this’ selfies where you want to look flawless while effortlessly convincing everyone that there’s no foundation on your face. #ValuableLifeLessons #Win

Click here to see how it looks on my face.

Plus, it comes in various shades. I’m guessing this is a shade darker than my NC45.

Price: approx Rs. 1,000-1,200

3. The Maybelline New York (The Colossal) Volum’ Express Mascara

A product that every make-up artist that i’ve worked with swears by! Let’s be real, i’ve tried nearly every mascara and nothing compares to this Maybelline colossal mascara. Pretty much the same effect as the YSL Babydoll mascara, but for just a fraction of the amount. It lengthens, thickens and curls so you don’t really need different mascaras for different effects. I suggest the non-waterproof one since the waterproof can be really hard to come off and you might end up losing some of your eyelash hair. It is also very long-lasting, both on application and in terms of product-life…you can use it for months together!

Click here to see how it looks after a single application.

Price: Rs. 375/- (All of their mascaras range between Rs.255 to Rs.500)

4. The Colorbar angled brush

This brush, at it’s affordable best is perfect for eyebrow shaping, for applying concealer under the arc of your eyebrow, and for eyeshadow application on your lower lash line.

I love using it to define my eyebrows and to achieve the ‘i-slept-in-with-makeup-on’ smudged kohl look. Yawll know what i mean.

Click here to have a look at my ‘eyebrow-game-on-FLEEK’ jk

Price: Rs. 250/-

5. The Health&Glow Essentials Brush set

A beginner’s best buy! This set consists of a blush brush (for applying blush and powder, and maybe some bronzer on your body) , An eyeshadow brush (which is perfect for crease blending) , Eye lash comb and eyebrow brush, lipstick brush, eyeshadow applicator and a foundation blender.

Every brush works exactly how it should. Although i wouldn’t say i’m particularly a fan of the foundation blender. Overall, a very handy and versatile brush set that you need to add to your ‘essentials’ list.

Price: Rs. 289/-

6. The Revlon (touch&glow) Moisturising Powder

A pressed powder that i have been using for nearly 8 years now, never seems to let me down. The formula is perfect, it sets your foundation and blends smoothly leaving the surface looking even and flawless. I sometimes apply this on it’s own when i’m on the run. I don’t think anybody or any product can discourage me from using this powder. I fervently keep hoping that Revlon doesn’t discontinue this product.

This one is in the shade Ivory Matte.

Price: Rs. 490/-

7. The Colorbar Velvette Matte lipstick in the shade Oh My Magenta (85)

Oh My Magenta is a colour that acts like your favourite pair of blue jeans. It looks great on any skin tone, day or night, Contemporary or traditional outfit. The formula is creamy, the colour is very pigmented and stays til even after you’ve had that whopping burger. Of course, i’ve exhausted it’s capacity by now but i can’t wait to get my hands on another one. This lip shade is as delighful as a moist cupcake with lots of whipped cream. And according to me, an absolute MUST HAVE!

Click here to see how the color looks on my skin tone.

Price: approx. Rs.299- Rs.330

8. The Chambor Extreme Matte Longwear lipcolour in the shade Earthy Red (06)

This came right in time when i was looking for a perfect deep colour, a little more brown tinted than Diva by Mac. I’m also not one for lipliners since i find it very time-consuming to line and fill my lips. So when i found that this acts like a lipliner+lipstick+lip crayon, all in one, i was jumping on an imaginary trampoline. So be assured to get a well-defined and well-coloured lip- almost like you’ve photoshopped it. You can also easily glide it across your lips without crease lines whatsoever + transfer proof ( let’s take a moment to remember my lipstick stained white-turtle-neck-tee)

Go ahead and try every shade from the Extreme matte collection. Unlike what the name suggests, it does not dry up your lips or cause flakiness.

And yes i need to sharpen the tip.

Click here to see how it looks on yours truly.

Price: Rs. 845/-

9. The Maybelline Color Show nail polish in the shade Blackcurrant Pop

I quite deliberately placed this product at the end to fuel your curiosity on what nail color i have applied. I always follow one policy when i pick out nail paints- if the colour on first application matches the colour in the bottle, BUY IT. It also has to be opaque on first application. It does not have those awful bubbles, our dearest uninvited guests. What’s even worse are those crease lines after several coats of biggest OCD issue!

Here are a few unimporatant facts you might want to know about me.

– I find painting my nails very therapeutic

– I worry a lot about the consistency of the nail enamel and the texture it gives out.

– Subsequently i do not allow my manicurist paint my nails

– I can paint my nails nude/oxblood and survive an entire lifetime

Goes without saying that this nail paint ticks all the right boxes!

Price: Rs. 75/-

10. The Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom body mist (75 ml)

Although this is not a beauty product per se, do allow me to include my most favorite perfume/body mist on the list. Predominantly floral along with a dose of fruitiness which results in a very very sexy fragrance, this perfume lives up to it’s name, not a single doubt. This is a definite date night/brunch date essential. It makes me feel like bawse and that is exactly what a perfume is supposed to make you feel like!

Go ahead and try this one, it sure won’t disappoint you.

Price: Rs. 1330/-

I really really hope this list was atleast a little helpful in giving you an insight into what your future purchase could be. And always remember, do not apply make up to manipulate your features, but to enhance your features instead.

Do let me know if i’ve missed out on any worthy product or if you did end up buying one of these and how you like the product.

I’d love to know- is where you can hit me up!

Until next time,


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