My Weekend At Hammered- featuring Sushi

A quick heads-up: I’m turning into a full blown food-enthusiast. That DOES NOT mean that i’m a food blogger now, relax. I find that fashion cannot exist alone- it is gracefully accompanied by it’s swanky counterpart- lifestyle. For me lifestyle is as important as fashion. In a city clogged by cosmopolitan pubs, bars and restuarants, i attempt at picking out a few favourites and zoom into their standout features while colour-complimenting with my food. ( You will find below that i’m wearing a salmon pink wrap dress keeping in mind that i was going to eat salmon nigiri that day; I also had the bartender turn the colour of the drink into one that complimented my outfit)

Aesthetics, are important.

I was absolutely gutted that i could not make it to the launch of Hammered, the new multi- cuisine pub off Cunningham Road serving not just great food, but alcohol and shisha as well. A few weeks later, i learnt that a Teppanyaki counter was underway. Teppanyaki counter also means a Japanese chef who makes sushi. And this, needed my approval.

While my sushi was being meticulously prepared, i had the time to taste their much talked-about Rainbow sliders. These sliders are, to be honest, for people like me, who prefer small-but-tasty bites and that which look visually inspiring for our phones to capture. I can’t do burgers unless i’m having the munchies when i’m at home sans lipstick. We all know the pain of eating burgers with lipsticks.

The classic sushi maki/nigiri – long a stronghold of a few Japanese restuarants in the city has now made it’s presence felt at this popular hangout. I always judge my sushi on the basis of it’s simplicity, authenticity and freshness of the meat. And any restuarant that serves me a simple salmon nigiri taking due care that the sticky rice is not too mushy, wins for me.

I am generally not a fan of veg maki rolls (especially with avocado) but that’s just me. I much much prefer a simple tuna maki (with no garnish) and salmon nigiri.

What, however, really did impress me was that when your means are frugal to satisfy your sushi cravings, Hammered is the right place to be. The price starts at Rs. 229 and goes upto a little over Rs.500. Besides the fact that that the preparation time is a little slow, i have no complaints. I am absolutely in awe, of both the sushi and the chef’s magic card tricks!


Please excuse the below-average phone-camera quality of this picture, i was too busy relishing the dish so i didn’t give my photographer an opportunity to take a well-framed picture

With the food happily settled in my belly, it’s time for the chosen outfit(s) for the day. I chose a salmon pink number paired with a gold choker. The rationale behind the outfit stemmed from the decor and aesthetic of the place-reflecting an urban woman with western sensibilities (so is the decor and the cuisine)

{ Wrap dress and choker- both Forever 21}

My second outfit of choice was a hot pink high-neck,flowy number paired with a delicate Maang Tika. The theme was of course, Middle-Eastern, owing to the shisha and my drink which resembled a genie-bottle, not to forget the chandelier that hung precariously over my head.

A quick introduction to this booth, most aptly and thoughtfully named as the ‘Lie Booth’- it is designed specially to aid you in all your lying endeavours. It cuts down nearly 70% to 80% of the noise outside so you can effortlessly pick up those calls that you’ve been ignoring and lie to you parents/ friends/ girlfriends/boyfriends/pets about your whereabouts.

Drink- Midnight With Mary

{ Dress- Missamore; Headgear- Eristona; Belt- Splash}

Hammered has replaced former F-bar, by making a few too many changes. It is a VAST space with a ground and first floor, with ample natural lighting and a relaxed atmosphere. It has both indoor and outdoor seating facilities on the ground and first floor. In my observation, the ground floor is more sophisticated while the atmosphere on the first floor is vivacious, contantly bustling with youngsters in large groups and happy conversations. They have a separate DJ console both inside and outside with the resident DJ belting out some latest commercial tracks and deep-house numbers.

Although the staff is extremely courteous and well-aware of the menu and it’s contents, service could get patchy during peak hours. I was in fact, surprised to find that a lot of people poured in even at 10 am, when the place had only just opened it’s shutters. So i guess it’s peak time all the time.

Overall, the ratings for my Hammered experience are-

Ambience – 10/10

Food – 7/10

Shisha – 9/10

Value for money – 10/10 (the drink in the pictures above is priced at a modest tag of Rs.275/- despite its grandeur)

Service- 7.5-8/10 (really friendly staff, but slow at times)

Presentation- 9/10

Location- 10/10

Before long, i’m hoping to see organized Sunday brunches here. And those days are not far off! Just me who’s looking forward to it?

How did YOU like Hammered? I’d love to know!

Photographs by Vasanth Photography

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