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I’ve come across a lot of protein skeptics. And a lot of myths about protein shakes being limited for bodybuilders. I also do know a lot of people that exercise regularly, eat salads religiously, drink cold pressed juices and chia seed desserts. I’ve been on that vehicle before, about 3 years ago and I ended up being skinny, the kind that made me look extremely unhealthy. I then learnt that protein supplements are necessary and I’ll tell you exactly why-
1) You won’t “bulk up” if you take protein. Instead, you’ll develop lean muscles and a curvaceous figure.
2) It helps suppress unwanted cravings for junk food. Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer and helps stabilize blood sugar
3) If you’re indulging in excess cardio to lose weight, you need to supplement it with protein to avoid losing muscle weight. This is something I particularly ignored during my “weight-loss” days and ended up looking malnourished.

4) There are 10 essential amino acids that your body needs because it can’t make them- and you can get them from protein.
5) Some nuts, vegetables and whole grains are slightly incomplete as they miss some of the essential amino acids. Proteins make up for it.
6) Protein repairs the body cells, builds and repairs bones and muscles, provides a source of energy and controls the important processes in the body related to metabolism.
7) If you’re diet conscious and cannot prepare the prescribed high-protein meals, then a ready-to-drink shake is your best bet.
8) It helps heal muscle damage caused due to injury by overtraining.
9) Solid food takes more time to digest than shakes.
10) A high protein diet has anti-ageing properties.
Here are 10 reasons that have convinced me to take to ready-to-drink protein shakes.
The reason why I’m also speaking of Zago’s Body Buddy is quite simple. Going to an all-girls university, I do know the struggle that everyone undergoes to achieve an hourglass figure. We all like a good washboard-midriff but also a good amount of gluteal muscles. Your workout plan may consist of 100- squats per day to achieve that perfect bubble-butt that conjures up images of the Kardashians/ Jenners , but your results won’t begin to show unless you take adequate protein supplements for the same.
Zago’s Body Buddy contains Whey, Casein, Vitamins and Minerals. It contains no sugar, is lactose free, gluten free and soya free. It also comes in a range of flavors, the caramel coffee being my ultimate favorite. It tastes super delicious and acts on your body while you’re doing other things, like working on your laptop.
I prefer working out at home, a few basic home exercises, some yoga and a protein shake after. I still haven’t achieved my dream bod, but I’m getting there- one drink at a time.

My workout regimen is very simple actually. My main focus is on toning and maintaining. So of course, I begin with a few stretches.

wes_0146 wes_0117 wes_0186 wes_0107

The days that I can’t exercise, I try to do atleast a couple of rounds of Suryanamaskar and on-the-spot stretches.

I begin my routine with cardio for 15-20 mins. I never overdo it because I do not intend on losing weight, like I did earlier.

wes_9737 wes_9790 wes_9797

Post-cardio I do just a handful of exercises on my gym-enthusiast brother’s recommendations.

12 reps X 3 sets- Squats

12 reps X 3 sets- Crunches

15 reps X 3 sets- Lunges

15 reps X 3 sets- Bicep curls (I prefer water bottles in each hand but my brother recommends 5kg weights in each hand- which i skip when he isn’t looking)

40 seconds X 3 reps- Plank (always towards the end)

wes_9822 wes_9844 wes_9899 wes_9880

Right after my excercises and after cooling down, I empty an entire bottle of Zago Body buddy which is 20 gms of protein.

wes_9915 wes_9956 wes_0007 wes_9988

I’m certainly not a hardcore fitness enthusiast. But that being said, I do love my body immensely and try to treat it right. I’m still sprinting towards my dream beach-body, and will continue to exercise to achieve it, although I can get lazy at times. When it comes to my diet, it is taken care of as my mother consciously feeds me healthy food. Like a big salad and oat bowl in the morning and nuts at regular intervals. I do eat out quite often but wouldn’t even think of having a meal at McDonald’s or KFC.

My relationship with a healthy lifestyle has only just begun and I will continue to give out tips and tricks that have worked for me. And for all my girls who are aimlessly squatting, please do it strategically. Protein supplements REALLY help. And no it’s not “unladylike” to take protein suppli’s.

Also, when I do not feel like working out, I wear my shortest of shorts and dance in front of a mirror. It satisfies me to watch myself sweat. I do recommend giving Zumba a shot as well.

I’ll try to roll out more fitness-related posts. Feedback if any, is highly appreciated. In the meanwhile, you can have a look at more of Zago’s offerings and updates here-






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