Half winter!

It’s pretty funny how fickle the weather in Bangalore is.It can get excruciatingly hot or even unbelievably chilly.So here’s what I’m doing,cheating the weather.

And if you do not know me already,then you should know that I go by the “Opposites Attract” rule.Androgyny+Feminity= STREET CHIC.

Β So I’m wearing these not-so-boyfriend boyfriend jeans.Yep these pants that I once used to sport as “skinny jeans”,back when i was..um,plumpier.Nevertheless,important lesson learnt: NEVER THROW AWAY YOUR OLD DENIMS NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR MOM INSISTS YOU DO.

My mom even nearly burnt these pants.

Now back to being street chic.

The tank top,for being such an essential trusty staple piece in my wardrobe.The long flowy cardigan to add little bit of softness and feminity to a rather rugged look.

Boots,cause hey..boots are so…warm.

And a structured bag and layered neck chains.

The cardigan is my current favourite,something that I picked up from Singapore (I love Singapore shopping,btw),the denims-I do not remember their origin whatsoever.Boots from Zara.The bag from Accessorize.Now about the chains,the rose gold bow chain from H&M,while the blue pendant is a gift and the silver heart neck chain is from Dorothy Perkins,London.

My photographer and I,tried to capture the neo-woman’s city life in these set of pictures. You can check out more of his work on www.abhimanyubhat.com

As for the rest,this was certainly a fun shoot! And a special thank you to the auto-drivers for shoo-ing away unwanted audience and for showing utmost enthusiasm.

Also,we’ve got a lot of outfit ideas coming your way (men’s winter fashion too yayy-for which i’m going to be styling my hunky best friends).I’m also going to be styling my friends,in a way I’d like to see them.

So until next time,keep styling loves!


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Of Winters and Teas..

Turtle necks are almost synonymous with winter.While the winter wind gives us many a frost bites and chapped skin, the turtle neck comes to our quick rescue.

And for those of you who thought leather pants are only for rock gigs and strip clubs, then perhaps you need to experiment with those glossy pair of leather pants in a way that looks classy and not trashy.

I love dressing it down by pairing it with a logo tee and dressing it up by going office-chic in a crisp white shirt and a double-breasted blazer.

Β  Quick suggestion- head to Infinitea for a freshly brewed cup of tea..yes, tea.

I particularly enjoy their Assam CTC and the Japanese tea.The ambience and service along with some lipsmacking dishes and teas make it perfect for a quick winter breakfast.

Will keep new posts coming your way..until then, have fun styling loves!


Farah Magi

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Man up!

Summer hasn’t ended yet but I have already been stocking up on fall’s sweetheart pieces.My strategy for fall -winter: MAN UP!

An entire 48 hours of chips, diet coke and fall/pre-fall runway collections only make you realise that androgyny is the next big thing.Fall-winter undeniably favours this strong yet sexy trend.And suddenly you no longer need those pretty skater skirts or maxi dresses.Although, I’m as feminine as feminine can be, I cannot deny the fact that my wardrobe is filled with menswear-inspired pieces (read bomber jackets, oversized blazers, relaxed trousers, oxford shoes, turtle necks, button down shirts et al)

Β  Also when you are trying out this trend..DO NOT forget to throw in a little bit of feminine in any form!

So I bought these relaxed trousers from shopnineteen.com and I am totally in love with them . What’s an added bonus is this cute little tag that came along with it.

Also, you do not need to spend extra bucks to buy androgynous pieces.Borrow, or even better- steal from your fathers, brothers and boyfriends!

Take some high fashion inspiration from Angelina Jolie and turn to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller for street style.

Have fun styling.

And happy fridayy, loves!


Farah Magi

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Heels are better worn high!

If you entered my blog with the hope of getting some gyaan about innovative positions,then GO AWAY! I am dirty. But not that dirty.

The only ‘mating’ you might find is between feminine and androgynous fashion.

You might find yourself complaining,”Oh! It’s one of those fashion blogs again.”

Firstly, I pity you for being so narrow-minded. And secondly, well there is no secondly. This is a fashion blog alright. And under its purview comes everything that’s somehow related to fashion- travel,beauty,fitness,reviews et al.

So Hi,I’m Farah Magi,an18-year-old girl likes to see the colourful side of things! I’m a self-proclaimed designer and stylist.

I like to chill rather fashionably.

I am an ardent lover of fashion and adore impeccably dressed people.So if you appear in front of me dressed to the ninth (strongly recommend Tom Ford suit) and would buy me a strong cup of coffee from one of those old south indian hotels,you would be among my favourites and I’d give you a free hug.

So what my (world)robe comprises of? An eclectic mix of everything-from the longest of gowns to the shortest of shorts.The most modern edgy pieces to the conventional ethnic pieces.Flat flats to towering heels.

I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I have a big backside and no amount of exercise can change that. So you know what they say, if you have it, flaunt it.

It’s time we embraced our curves(and flats) and looked beyond that! By ‘beyond that’ I mean ‘fashion’. So let us follow a religion which has no boundaries or rules. Oh and, even if it does have any, let us break ’em!

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