The Most Affordable #PerfectSelfie? – A Vivo V5s Review


A quick peek into my most used apps and you’ll quickly spot Instagram, Snapchat and VSCO. And all the three apps have one thing in common- pictures. Let’s not deny the very strong existence of pictures in our tech savvy lifestyle and that struggle to extract the most perfect picture. The picture goes through different phases from when it is taken. It gets edited and altered, gets fit into Instagram size and finally gets uploaded onto the hall of fame. And it all starts with a perfect camera. A picture is only as good as the camera that captures it.

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Can We Extend Gingham Season?


I find a very comfortable place for myself in the summer sun. What I once insouciantly dismissed as tablecloth print has now found a very amiable space in my wardrobe and I’m not sure if i’m willing to let go of it yet. While the time is still ripe, I’m just going help myself with all the square checks I can muster.

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“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking”


Spending half my days travelling in cabs has left me space for a lingering imagination. Hence I’ve resorted to spoiling myself rotten with images of narrow cobbled streets, Italian balconies and bougainvilleas hanging off stone walls. I’d love to be anywhere in Italy right now- the sleepy Sicilian seaside or marveling at the sheer artistic beauty of the Trevi fountain.

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