Building Up The Basics


I’ve noticed a repetitive pattern when I shop- brick & mortar or online- I add the same kind of products in my shopping bag/ cart. Lots and lots of basics. I’ve realised that a trend cannot steer forward if you don’t have your basics in place. Besides the classic crisp white shirt and the little black dress, there are host of other essentials that do fabulously well both individually and as layering pieces- any season or any time of the day.


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The All You Can Eat Buffet At Chutney Chang- First Impressions


It’s a weekend, you’ve exhausted all of your accumulated energy and your excessive dancing on a Friday night has built up a grand appetite that only a buffet can manage to satiate. I’m more of an a la carte person unless of course, I find myself in the afore mentioned situation.

In any case, I HAD to try the longest buffet in Bangalore which I’ve been told has unbelievable variety. I wouldn’t buy the ‘all you can eat’ proposition until the buffet had me crawling on all fours.

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Keeping Up With The Blogger Life featuring Zago Breakfast Shake


I got back from Hyderabad a couple of days ago, where I last found myself attending the Vivo SIIMA press conference. I returned back only to be greeted by a slew of blog meetings and deadlines. I do thoroughly enjoy being engaged in one task or another. However, what suffers the most is my diet and nutrition.

I live in between two extremes. I either have a lavish meal (Blueberry Danish included) or skip a meal, usually lunch. Now this is the worst habit you can possibly get used to. It poses health risks like metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases that impact your daily energy levels.

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