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Quite recently I recognized the importance of skin that looks polished even without any makeup application. I really do want to achieve a texture of skin, both on my face and body that requires no concealer nor any smoothning tool on photo-editing apps. This is something my mother has constantly propogated despite my constant dismissal, leaving the responsibility solely to my foundation to fix uneven skin tone and blemishes. I have, of course, indulged in a couple of homemade remedies and masks, but I’m the kind of person that demands instant results- seemingly superficial, I know.

For a person like me, a visit to a cosmetic consultant is a must! I had learnt about Dr. Jamuna Pai- the magic behind the faces of most of the brides on Band Baja Bride- the show that would air on NDTV Good Times. Dr. Jamuna Pai’s SkinLab is on Lavelle road which boasts of a team of expert doctors and dermal therapists who ensure that your skin’s needs are identified and fulfilled.

I was fortunate enough to have garnered an appointment when the pioneer herself, Dr. Jamuna Pai was in town. My treatment process began with a thorough skin analysis to examine my skin problems. I don’t have acne or anything, but what certainly concerns me are my open pores and pigmentation issues. A tan catches on to me quicker than the speed of lightning and I have certain patches of uneven skin-tone. Dr. Pai gave me a few of the most useful tips I have ever received with regard to skin care, briefed me on the products to use and basic skin-care regimen. She also suggested a few treatments that I could undergo. Dr. Abhishek, the expert associate doctor gave me an in-depth insight into each treatment and it’s benefits. I was spoilt for choice, but this time around I wanted to concentrate on the pigmentation on my body, so I decided to go with the body de-tan procedure.

I know that most of you are inquisitive about the different treatments they have to offer. However, I do suggest fixing an appointment with them and figuring it for yourself. I went in having an idea of what treatment I’d like to take, but I learnt so much more about my own skin and took in the expert’s advice. They have a VAST range of services ranging from dermal therapies, bridal rituals, skin brightening peels, permanent laser hair reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, facial enhancements, dermal fillers…and the list goes on.

It is of no wonder that SkinLab sees a loyal customer base in celebrities alike. The customer service is impeccable, the interiors sleek and everyone is so efficient and fully equipped with knowledge at their disposal. The results are almost instantaneous, and they take care to follow-up on your improvements. My service took about 30 to 40 minutes on the whole, I was made very comfortable throughout. This obviously did not include injections or anything, but for more deep-seated problem like acne/ skin-resurfacing they do have sophisticated equipment to deal with it. My skin was visibly de-tanned and looked so much more polished. Besides that, I also felt relatively more moisturised.

This is a place I’d undoubtedly recommend for brides-to-be, as they have intensive head-to-toe bridal packages that take a few hours but the results would make you look like a new human being.

Unfortunately, I could not manage to take immediate before-after pictures. But for your reference, I have added a few #nofilter pictures of myself taken just a couple of days after my skin treatment. And FYI, these were on an island where I was constantly under sun exposure. I also tried my hands at a new sunscreen that the doctor recommended me to try!


For everyone who sent me DM’s on instagram for more details about the treatment, I hope this helped. Go ahead and do your research. Visit their website for more deatails, or even shoot them an email at

I have mentioned below their address for further reference-

7/1, 2nd Floor, The Rack, Vittal Mallya Road, above ICICI wealth management, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 (just follow the Lamborghini showroom street, it should be towards your right if you’re going from Lavelle road.)

I almost forgot to mention the skin care products that are available at SkinLab- 

My personal favourite is the face wash which is enriched with Vitamin C. I just use a pea-sized amount for clear and supple skin!

 I also do HIGHLY suggest that you fix an appointment beforeheand, especially if you want to meet with Dr. Jamuna Pai herself. Eitherways, an appointment is mandatory. 

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