Proportion Play ft Missamore clothing


If there’s one thing I’m apprehensive about, it’s oversized silhuoettes. Anything oversized in my wardrobe eventually gets nipped and tucked. But it is a trend that I need to follow with all reverence- t-shirts, hoodies,jackets and shirts that are a couple of sizes bigger than your original size, have seemed to become the industry’s default state this season.

But with clever manipulation it is possible to downplay the proportions, or rather balance it out. My best bet is a cinched waist, a trend that is particularly modish and belongs in my good books.

Throw me a nice belt and I’ll wear it with every possible outfit.

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Balancing to me is key. Balancing textures, lengths and proportions. You possibly won’t find me wearing a crop top AND shorts together, but a crop top and jeans/trouser combo ┬áis a welcome nod. Likewise, I can only do a short skirt with either full-sleeves or over-the-knee boots to maintain the sanity of the look. A blouse with dramatic sleeves of massive proportions looks best, according to me, with tapered trousers or sleek jeggings/ jeans. Balancing is a very simple but effective trick to add visual interest in an ensemble.

Here I’m wearing the Camo t-shirt dress + belt combo from Missamore

Over- the-knee boots from Ni Hao

Bag from MBK, Bangkok

Cap- Aeropostale

Photographed by Anand John Wesley at

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