Romantic Opulence ft. The Mauve Unit + GIVEAWAY!

More often than not, you will find me delving into the mystique and allure behind dramatic jewelry that almost transports me to my own conceptual wonderland. Call it a backlash to normcore, but I am embracing my eerie, hooded fantasies. Dark romance with some opulent jewelry meticulously combined with smudged kohl is the kind of proposition I cannot deny.

 I relish abundance in accessories- and that seemingly does not mean quantity alone. I’m talking attention to detail, design and the aesthetic sensibility behind each piece. Needless to say, a different genre of jewelry is slowly transcending into the urban consciousness. The new-age jewelry is evidently contemporary, sumptuous and whimsical overdosing on high-octane glamour. Of course, it will take a certain fierceness of the soul to match; but no one is complaining.

   I had quite the crush on this little store tucked away on 9th main road in Indiranagar, ever since I first passed by it. Upon my entrance to the store I was torn between the decor and the opulent jewelry gleaming at me and I turned into a starry-eyed little kid just gazing at the rows and rows of sheer brilliance.

 Headed by Neha who is the jewelry designer, her design aesthetic is feminine and contemporary. The brand boasts of a wide array of statement pieces that are delicate and feminine.

They have three different kinds of jewellery catering to different occasions and moods

   Ethnic : There’s something for everyone- ranging from smaller rings and earrings to heavy bridal jewellery

Victorian : Classic and exclusive statement pieces that never go out of style

Contemporary : Perfect for the modern woman, and can be worn everywhere right from work to special occasions and parties.

{ Jewelry- The Mauve Unit,


The theme in my mind was pretty simple- beautiful gold plated jewelry against wispy layers of black chiffon. It’s quite an ethereal combination. And you know what I say, if anything makes you feel like queen Cleopatra and/ or Queen Beyoncé, get your hands on it and never let it go!

For the ones who are willing to treat themselves to some exquisite jewelry, they are located off 100 ft road, Indiranagar.

You can also follow them on facebook and Instagram for updates on their latest collections

AND for the most interesting segment of the post- the GIVEAWAY!!

On account of Valentine’s Day, the Mauve Unit and I are giving away these beautiful gold plated, rose-quartz studs from The Mauve Unit! So how to enter the contest/ giveaway you ask?

1. Follow @farahmagi and @themauveunitx on Instagram/Facebook

2. Comment on my Instagram Giveaway post about how you would style this exquisite piece.

3. Tag 3 REAL friends (no fake acconts) and encourage them to participate!

4. The contest is open for the men if you want to gift your Valentine something special this Vday! Just tell us why do you think your better half deserves these earrings.

5. Yeah well, it’s that simple.

Photography credit goes to my favourite, Anand Wesley at nonetheless. He probably should’ve retouched the ugly spots on my face in the last picture. That, or I should see a dermatologist.

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