Sugar Pill- ft. Celestial Kitten


There’s a little movement brewing, if you’re aware of it or not. Call it an extension of the 90s grunge movement but this is not just restricted to blacks,whites and greys (and an occasional plaid here and there). My mood board for this editorial consisted of a lot of rave, punk rock, streetwear, Gwen Stefani and kawaii fashion. It’s very fresh, modern, rebellious, empowering and experimental. There are dolls involved, Barbie font, emojis, mermaids and unicorns in abundance, controversial slogan tees, space buns, Korean language and celebrity faces. The undisputed QWEEEN of this moment is the 87-year old fashion icon Baddie Winkle. In the retail department, it’s no surprise that t-shirts with slogans that read- “Don’t txt yr ex”, “Drinking about you”, “baby girl”, “100% unicorn” are on the rise. There’s of course, a small but steady population in India that has warmed up to this aesthetic- and online shopping portals like Celestial Kitten are fulfilling the demands of this population.

I chose pink as the central, most important color of this revolution and perspex/ transparent anything as the most important texture and created a little editorial lookbook alongside photographer Anand John Wesley to create an excessively saccharine look. Scroll down for more images!

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