The Little Things

I like empty bookstores and the smell of old books.

I like rainy days and starry nights.

I like quiet coffee shops. Fresh brews. With a side of Prune Danish.

I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Cat fur on my freshly laundered clothes.

I like making grocery lists and adding a few unnecessary extras to my cart.

I like lemon bath salts and shower-thoughts.

I like reading love letters from my best friend while listening to soft jazz.

I like applying my British Rose hand cream and smelling my hands throughout the day.

I like my nails pretty, cheeks flushed, eyes kohled and lips stained.

I like to read. About climate change, spiritual healing and Kardashian gossip.

I like art. I like to believe that I’m art and that I make art..

I like the morning light and I like the sweat trickling down my face as I push for an extra rep of squats.

I like watching the trees pass as we drive along.

I like the crust of a wood-fired pizza. The smell of mom’s chai.

I like caperberries and nuts in my salad.

I like to have secret conversations with my pets and poke their nose.

Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings.

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Location: Little Green Cafe

Photography: Anand John Wesley at

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