This salon makes your feet smell like chocolate ice- cream


{p.s. for once, here are a few Iphone shots in point-of-view style}

Tucked away in a modest lane on Lavelle road (the lane right next to Shell petrol bunk), Artiste salon & spa is, according to me, more than what meets the eye. For starters, I found that it was brimming with appointments each day of the week, and I fixed one for myself on a wednesday right after my psychology practical exams. Turns out, it’s not really a “hidden treasure”, there are quite an awful lot who pay regular visits to this salon while I’m just up in here like, what have I been doing with my feet! Feet stories later..

I was greeted by my rather charismatic coiffeur Raphael who conducted a hair analysis and sprinkled me with generous doses of hair advice . We had a lot to talk about- her lime green hair, her academic years at the same college that I go to and my blogging journey. The highlight though, was the Kerastase hair spa that followed (a relaxing head massage included)- we settled on a hair volumising therapy.

 I don’t generally have OCD issues except for when my finger/ toe nails aren’t manicured or pedicured to perfection. My toe-nail perfection came in the form of an ice-cream pedicure and ME! Bath products. Not only were my feet squeeky clean but also smelled like willy-wonka heaven!

What sailed the boat for me was the leisurely atmosphere, the enthusiastic, efficient and skilfull staff who have every bit of a clue with what they are doing. The interior is very sophisticated and chic, which has you feeling ultra-luxe. The price on the other hand is relatively very reasonable for the impeccable service they provide. Their hair spa begins at approx. Rs. 1500 for 30 mins, and a pedicure can cost you about Rs.750.

Pretty much how my hair looked a day after the volumising hair therapy

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    Just discovered about you on insta.
    I live in Canada but I’m extremely obsessed how you put your clothes together. It’s really unique and stylish. I was wandering if you know any of your clothing store is online. It would be really great if you post it 🙂

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