‘Tis The Season To Get Polished

There’s a mighty good chance that my relationship with a person would depend on how the person has maintained their nails. There’s also a mighty good chance that you’d call me snobby, but I believe that it’s all in the details.
This is perhaps, why I have a massive admiration towards Arab women, especially in Dubai. They look impeccable even when they’re out grocery shopping and mind you- this is not even an exaggeration. The slew of nail, eyelash and beauty studios in DXB stand as a testimony to my claim. That’s why Dubai to me, is a guilty pleasure.
I’ve always hoped that women closer home would invest on these little details as much as they do on clothing. It’s simple really, if you can’t keep your nails long, then keep them clipped and well maintained. If you prefer them long, then take extra care in maintaining the nails and keeping them clean. What’s even more important is to keep your hands moisturised, which is why I always advocate a handy hand cream, and to NEVER do away with chipped nails/ nail polish. I think nails are the most basic indicators of personal hygiene and orderliness.

I’m inclined to record my experience at Polished Nail Boutique Studio, at Indiranagar 100 ft road with you. The owner of which shares similar views as I do. The first thing that she noticed was my feet nails and suggested that I get a pedicure. It had been a while, running around for blog work does leave you with unattended feet.



There are two things that are sure to blow you away as you first enter this nail studio which is located a floor above Maharaja furniture on 100 ft road. A) The massive range of products on display and B) The stunning decor.
Immediately after my entrance I concluded that this place has been done with care and genuine passion. Neela, the owner, affirms. She has lived in Dubai and wanted to bring home a souvenier from there, in a the form of a luxe boutique nail studio. Let’s begin with the products- apart from Sally Hansen, they have products that you’d never find in the Indian market- Essie and Bio Sculpture Gel.
The decor is chic and elegant at it’s best. I can’t think of any other place in Bangalore that can boast of interiors like this. Plush sofas that keep you comfortable and an endless row of magazines to keep you company if no one else does. Polished for me, in its simplest form, is a wholesome experience.
A piping hot cup of green tea kept me company while my feet were being scrubbed squeeky clean. I decided on a holographic color for my feet and a double-shaded gel nail paint for my finger nails- one that resembles the sheen of a silk saree- with grey, aqua and purple tones taking turns to display themselves at different angles.


The staff is unnaturally patient and courteous, further adding to the experience. While I had the liberty of relaxing, leaving my hands and feet at experienced hands, I watched the screening of the Global Citizen Festival on the television before me.


While in conversation with Neela, I discovered about her penchant for neat nails, great decor and about wanting to bring an international experience to India- something that a lot of fashion- conscious women are deprived of. I have been a victim of it myself, gallivanting for nail studios that would give me Instagram worthy rose gold chrome nails.

There’s a separate section for nail art and for acrylic nails/ extensions as well. But overall there are certainly four highlights that stood out for me, tiny details that make or break my impression about places.
One, they have safe and washable nail paints for children- all bright and neon colors.
Two, they have a feet cushion for pedicures which for me, is a HUGE deal.
Three, they manicurists and pedicurists literally give you the nicest massage!
And four, they have a separate feet drying section to dry you nail paint!!


I’ll tell you what this place is great for and believe me, you will thank me for this idea. Bachelorette party? Take your girls along. Kitty party? Take your ladies along. Best friend’s birthday? Take him/her along. Mother’s Day? Take her on a little pampering date. Alone time? Leave behind all your worries, sit back, and pamper yourself.

With regard to the pricing, it’s Rs. 850/- for a manicure and Rs.950/- for a pedicure. The price range for gel treatments and extensions is from Rs.2,200/- upto Rs.4,300/- , and nail arts start from Rs.85/- and goes up to Rs.400/- per nail.

Do yourself a favour and experience the beauty of this place. And while you’re at it, avail an exclusive 10% discount when you refer my name or my blog’s name.

Side note: It’s been a few days over a month now and the colours on both my hands and feet are intact. The color hasn’t faded, and neither has my nail paint chipped. It’s just that my nails are growing and I need a new set of nails, something fancy for the party season- giving me all the more reason to head to my favourite nail boutique again.
I’ve informed the nail art specialist to give me sushi nails for my next visit. You’ll see me showing them off when I get them.


In the meanwhile, you can follow their social media channels here-
Facebook- Polished India
Instagram- Polished_nail_studio

Go get your Christmas and New Year nails on. And send me a picture while you’re at it. Cheers x

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