What My Bachelorette Is Going To Look Like- #WeddingTales by Titan


Have you ever thought of a bachelorette as an extravagant way of telling your best ladies that maybe, you will be doing a lot less of what you’ve been doing over the years together? That maybe it’s not always going to be cocktails and frivolity?

Hence, You and I are to partake in this free-flowing friendship overdrive. Throaty giggles mandatory.

wes_9507 wes_9407

So I sat Sumiran down, asked her how she sees us partying before one of us is teetering on the brink of marriage. Characteristically so, she told me that she’d love to do exactly what we’ve been doing over the years- ordering in, watching reruns of Mean Girls, watching YouTube tutorials on ‘How To Twerk’ and talking about everything under the stars- from boys to spiritual maturity- literally everything.

So here is us, a heady volatile mix of childish rebellion and newfound sensuality, dancing and eating away in all our cosmopolitan glory. We’re never stingy with throwing insults at each other but we wouldn’t be what we were, a perfect example of Yin and Yang, if otherwise.

wes_9464 wes_9484

Both dressed in soigné black dresses accompanied by two very beautiful watches from TITAN which emulates what we are as two people, classic and contemporary both at the same time. We instantly fell in LOVE with this chain strap rendition with a studded dial. It’s both youthful and mature, classic and fresh- the best of both worlds.

So here’s us capturing and recreating our very own Titan #WeddingTales moment, one burger at a time.

wes_9545 wes_9567 wes_9554 bachelorette_party wes_9653 wes_9728

wes_9752 farah_sumiran wes_9875 wes_9849

titan_watches wes_9883 titan_watches

What’s your #WeddingTale ? Share it with us!

Photographed by Anand John Wesley at Vinceshe.in

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